I HELP you GROW your business


Consulting within the Technology sector

I deliver consulting services within: Business Development, Product Development, Project Managament and Management for hire.



I have been helping businesses with digitalisation of their business and products since 1998. Could I help you to grow your business? Lets get in touch and find out. 



Frontbyte AS

Frontbyte is a technology-company based in Kristiansand, Norway. I deliver following services to Frontbyte: CTO several products and CTO and CEO for one of them. I also deliver consulting services trough Frontbyte Consulting AS.  I own a small bit of Frontbyte AS.

Next Hole Consulting AS

Next Hole Consulting is a golf-related company based in Jessheim, Norway.  I deliver following services to Next Hole Consulting AS: Business development and responsible for technology projects. I am a partner in Next Hole Consulting AS.

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